Shoptalk multi-cast with a Picture's Worth a Thousand Words and MAA Exhibition Update

Choppers at Junction and Main, Sturgis, SD, 1979. Photo ©1979 Michael Lichter. Where is everybody? The busiest corner in Sturgis on the busiest day of the rally. Rossini went on to create his famous tattoo parlor in the barber shop. While Rossini died in 2003 and the building was eventually scraped, but it’s still the best corner to watch the scene. Enough time has passed that the look has come back - the long front ends, metal flake, pull back bars, maybe just not the Honda chopper.
June 29, 2020

I've made some positive changes to the upcoming Sturgis Motorcycles as Art Exhibition! We had a great Cycle Source Shoptalk podcast last night with 4 of the 38 builders in this year's Sturgis “Heavy Mettle - Motorcycles and Art with Moxie” exhibition at the Buffalo Chip. It now has the qualifier "UNLOCKED EDITION" to reflect the changes. More on this tomorrow, but for now, Mondo, Russell Mitchell, Rick Fairless, and Kiwi Mike Tomas (in Australia) gave their thoughts on what it takes to keep building custom bikes for decades and to stay in business despite the vagaries of the economy, ups and down in the motorcycle industry, and even pandemics. I also talked about what I like about, and the stories behind a dozen of my exhibition images from Sturgis that I’ll be displaying, like the photo here of "Choppers at Junction and Main, Sturgis, SD. 1979". You can catch a replay on Cycle Sources FB Page, or YouTube where you can just search "Cycle Source Shoptalk" and it will come right up. @sturgisrally, #sturgisrally, @sturgisrallysd, #nikonlove, #nikonlife, #nikonnofilter, @nikonusa, #blackandwhite, #bw, @cyclesourcemagazine, #cyclesourcemagazine, #ShopTalk, #heavymettleshow, @motorcyclesasart, #motorcyclesasart, #maa20, #sturgis2020

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