Happy 4th of July 2020

Flag Bike. Milwaukee, WI. 2008. Photo ©2008 Michael Lichter
July 4, 2020

I hope you are all having a great day and holiday with your loved ones this 4th of July weekend however you may be spending it in these strange times. The photos here of Hawke Lawshe, Kissa Von Addams, and others were taken from Milwaukee for the Harley-Davidson 100th, Daytona Bike Week, the Fairplay Ladies Run in Colorado in 1989 to the Buffalo Chip's Field of Flags in Sturgis. 

Hawke Lawshe, 2019, Michael Lichter Motorcycle Photography, Harley-Davidson
Hawke Lawshe with 3 of his customs at the Buffalo Chip's Field of Flags 2019

Moonshiner Josh Owens, 2019, Michael Lichter Motorcycle Photography, American Flag
Moonshiner Josh Owens having a laugh at Willie's Tropical Tattoo Old School Show during Daytona Bike Week, ©2019 Michael Lichter

Kissa Von Adams, 2016, Michael Lichter Motorcycle Photography, Harley-Davidson
Kissa Von Adams riding through Tamoka State Park with the Iron Lilies for a Hot Leathers ride during the Daytona Bike Week 75th Anniversary event. FL, USA. Tuesday March 8, 2016.  Photography ©2016 Michael Lichter.

Fairplay Ladies Run, 1989, Michael Lichter Motorcycle Photography
Zodiac Angel at the Fairplay, CO Ladies Ride. ©1989 Michael Lichter

Harley-Davidson Anniversary, 2008, Michael Lichter Motorcycle Photography

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