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Broke Down
Jul 20, 2020
Flatirons Harley-Davidson Memorial Day MDA run. Broke down on the highway on the way back to Boulder, CO. June, 1983. Photo ©1983 Michael Lichter.
It’s summer and it’s hot, and yes, we break down on the side of the road.
Stop at Kermitts on the Flatirons HD Run 1983
Jul 12, 2020
Stop at Kermitts Bar and Grill during the Flatirons Harley-Davidson Memorial Day MDA run out of Boulder, CO. Photo ©1983 Michael Lichter.
Kermitts was a great way-point where we'd stop for a cold one and some chile while riding a mountain loop in the Rockies NW of Denver.
Harass the Police
Jul 6, 2020
Harass the Police, Sturgis, SD 1980. Photo ©1980 Michael Lichter
Like a Rolling Stone
Jun 27, 2020
Like a Rolling Stone. Lusk, WY. 1982. Photo ©1982 Michael Lichter. "How does it feel, To be on your own, With no direction home, Like a complete unknown, Like a rolling stone?"
Like a Rolling Stone. Lusk, WY. 1982. Anyone know the story behind this bike?
The Morning After
Jun 25, 2020
Labor Day Run. Lake Perry, KS. September, 1984. Photo ©1984 Michael Lichter.
They conquered, then they fell. Typical morning scene after a big party night at Lake Perry, KS 1984
Summer Fun
Jun 22, 2020
Labor Day Run. Lake Perry, KS. September, 1984. Photo ©1984 Michael Lichter.
I have to do some digging, but I believe this was shot at Lake Perry in 1985. Maybe you recognize the scene and can confirm, but in the meantime, it makes me think of summer, and then my mind wanders to music like “Summertime, and the livin' is easy, Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high” by George Gershwin/DuBose Heyward (covered by Janis Joplin with Big Brother, Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald and basically everybody.) 
Sturgis is On
Jun 18, 2020
Late Night at Rudy's. Sturgis. SD. 1981. Photo ©1981 Michael Lichter.
Sturgis is on, even if it's not what it was 40 years ago (or even 2-years ago!) Who knows, maybe it will be more like 40-years ago than 2-years ago! Anyone out there remember "Chef Rudy’s,” the truck stop at exit 30 we used to eat at? I titled this one "Late Night at Rudy's. Sturgis. SD. 1981". #sturgis, @sturgisrally, #sturgisrally, @sturgisrallysd, @harleydavidson, #harleydavidson #harleydavidsonmotorcycles, #nikonlove, #nikonlife, #nikonnofilter, @nikonusA
Young Couple Sturgis 1980
Jun 13, 2020
Young Couple on Dresser, City Park, Sturgis, South Dakota, 1980. Photo ©1980 Michael Lichter.
“Young Couple, Sturgis. 1980” was taken in City Park. It’s a simple title, and that’s all I know about them. Maybe you can fill me in on the details like who they actually are and where they come from. In 1980, most came from surrounding states, and usually just for a couple of nights (just like me!) I like the image for a number of reasons, not least of which is I like the couple (or at least what they represent), the soft light and great tonalities of the black and white, and of course, the setting with all those pup tents in the background as well as the cool bikes scattered about City Park.
City Streets, New York City, 1981
Jun 11, 2020
City Streets, New York City, 1981. Photo ©1981 Michael Lichter
City Streets, New York City, 1981 and a terrible omission on my part today - I can’t find the negative of this image! I have a small file big enough to post today, but for all my organizational efforts and skills, the negative for this particular shot and one other (Wall of Death, Egypt 1978) that I would really like to find and make prints from are eluding me! What stands out for me is both the sense of “Time” and “Place”. It is so “New York City” and so “1970s”.
Hwy 79 Sturgis Drags 1980
Jun 1, 2020
Grudge Racing Near Bear Butte, Sturgis, SD. 1980. Photo ©1980 Michael Lichter. Burning rubber racing Highway 79 by Bear Butte. Happy Smith watching, Crazy John on his Honda. No center line. A blown piston ends the fun and I survive a high speed wobble racing back to town. Maybe the 7th Cavalry made up games here 100 years earlier?
Grudge Racing Near Bear Butte. Sturgis, SD. 1980. Can you imagine?
Dirty Jeff's Flathead, England, 1984
May 28, 2020
Dirty Jeff on his Flathead. England, 1984
I instantly loved this Flathead when I first saw it at the Kent Custom Bike Show in 1984, enough so that I met up with Dirty Jeff back in London after the show to do a full feature on the bike. It was light and compact and had great attitude. Jeff was one cool dude with a lot of character, and then her expression is awesome, absolutely in the moment and wonderful.
New York City gas station, 1980.
May 23, 2020
Exactly 40 years ago, stopping in a gas station with the Tribe MC in New York City. Photo ©1980 Michael Lichter.
Exactly 40 years ago, stopping in a gas station with the Tribe MC in New York City.