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Oliver Peck Profile
May 17, 2022
A full profile on Oliver Peck and what makes him tick.
Gloria's Burnout
Jul 26, 2020
Harley riding Octogenarian Gloria Struck having fun at the Broken Spoke Saloon downtown with her Motor Maid MC sisters during the Sturgis Black Hills Motorcycle Rally 2010. Photo ©2010 Michael Lichter.
Gloria Struck recently had her 95th birthday, so just to keep the accolades rolling, I want to wish her an incredible belated happy-happy birthday and add to everyone else’s praises as to how wonderful this woman is. 
Dean Bordigioni on the MCR Chronicles Multi-Cast
Jul 8, 2020
Dean Bordigioni riding his 1-cylinder 1-speed 1914 Harley-Davidson on the Motorcycle Cannonball. Stage 7 (274 miles) from Cedar Rapids to Spirit Lake, IA. Friday September 14, 2018. Photo ©2018 Michael Lichter.
This image of Dean Bordigioni in the Motorcycle Cannonball shows the determination that went into riding coast to coast on a single-cylinder ~7hp single-speed 1914 Harley-Davidson without missing a single mile, and taking the first place trophy home at the end.
Bean’re is on his way home
Jun 23, 2020
Bean’re pushes Timo Richard for miles back to base at the Wharf Rat Rally. Digby, Nova Scotia. Canada. August 30, 2012. Photography ©2012 Michael Lichter.
This is how you do it when you breakdown. WOW - is Beanre' really still in Vietnam? After 8-months riding all over the country (and missing our COVID lock-down), is he really coming home as he says he is?
Remembering Marla Garber
Jun 4, 2020
Marla Garber rind with Scooter at the Harley Davidson 85th Reunion Ride to Milwaukee. Milwaukee, WI. June, 1988. Photography ©1988 Michael Lichter.
A Moto-Journalist ahead of her time! Marla Garber was a free spirit that would criss-cross North America from rally to rally, to meet a friend, or maybe just a meal. Life was an adventure for this one-of-a-kind Canadian woman. She was a great rider that lived life from her bike, with everything she needed packed on board, including her dog Skooter.
Cycle Zombies. A way of life. Taylor Stopnik on the wall at Scotty's house. Photo ©2015 Michael Lichter
May 29, 2020
The Cycle Zombies family. Taylor on the wall.
Life at the Stopnik’s. Taylor and Big Scott at Scotty’s house. The Cycle Zombies family seems to have a very cool balance between daily life and life at large (and I mean living very large). I’ve shot them in SoCal and Japan, but have to figure out a way to go on a ride with them somewhere. Much respect CZ.
Good Time Charlie, RIP
May 27, 2020
Charlie Brechtel back home at the Buffalo Chip, August 2016. Photo ©2016 Michael Lichter
When I heard Charlie Brechtel died in a bike wreck on April 25, it was hard to believe he was gone. "Good Time Charlie's" voice and presence were so clear in my head, but wanting more, I turned on his music and immersed myself in it. I listened for hours and then listened some more. That's the amazing part of when a musician dies; they leave all these recordings behind. Its as if they're still with you. If anything, the lyrics took on a new and deeper meaning.