Remembering Marla Garber

Marla Garber rind with Scooter at the Harley Davidson 85th Reunion Ride to Milwaukee. Milwaukee, WI. June, 1988. Photography ©1988 Michael Lichter.
June 4, 2020

A Moto-Journalist ahead of her time! Marla Garber was a free spirit that would criss-cross North America from rally to rally, to meet a friend, or maybe just a meal. Life was an adventure for this one-of-a-kind Canadian woman. She was a great rider that lived life from her bike, with everything she needed packed on board, including her dog Skooter. It was said that in her short but full life, she had ridden 750,000 miles. I imagine if she were alive today, she would have more than two million miles under her and be sharing her amazing stories daily with countless devoted followers on social media, rather than once a month as she did in print, but this wasn’t to be. Marla died in a 1995 wreck in CT at the too-young age of 37, but boy did she live in those 37 years. Skooter miraculously survived and lived out the rest of her life in California with Marla’s good friend LJ. While I didn’t know Marla well, I would run into her all over the place and every time I’d see her, it would bring a smile to my face. I wish I could sit and chat with her now to hear her stories. They were compelling then, and would certainly be inspiring to young riders today.

While we would usually be pointing our cameras in the same direction, for this image made during the Laconia Rally in 1988, Marla was the subject. She had just turned 30, and you could tell she was loving life. Maybe some of you remember her and have your own story to share? #marlagarber, #womenharleyriders, #harleywomen, #harleywoman

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