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May 17, 2022

Sparkling Bergundy is what the Harley-Davidson advertisements called the color. Whether you call it that, or Magenta or Pink, it didn't matter to Oliver Peck. He loved his 1972 so much, he bought ever model the color was offered, and two of some, until he had 14 in his collection, (and that's just some of his motorcycles!) His collection includes thousands of dice, ceramic TV lamps, Skateboards,, anything Evel Kneivel, Simpsons or Oddfellows... The list goes on. And so, I can't wait for you all to see my profile on Oliver Peck on the DK Blog next week (and in Easyriders in a few months.) Oliver is one of the most interesting characters I've ever met. Everything about him is unique, from his home, shop, collections, businesses, the way he thinks, talks, and looks at the world. His story is compelling, and so it had to be shared. #dkblog, #denniskirk, @harleydavidson, #harleydavidson, #harleydavidsonmotorcycles, #nikonlife, @nikonusa, @classiceasyriders, @easyriders, #oliverpeck, @oliverpecker

Oliver doing business in his living room. On the phone with Grant and Mike of Born Free making plans for a first time Born Free Texas event at Yellow Rose Canyon

Some of Oliver's Sparkling Bergundy Harley's from his collection

The hallways of Oliver's home is one big miniature golf course, replete with obstacles and corners to navigate.

At home with the Simpsons. Part of another collection of cartoon characters Oliver has ammassed.

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