Harass the Police

Harass the Police, Sturgis, SD 1980. Photo ©1980 Michael Lichter
July 6, 2020

“Harass the Police, Sturgis, SD. 1980”  - How is this for a display of the first amendment rights of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech (check the placard). Shot 40-years ago, I titled it 20 years ago. Admittedly, it’s a pretty homogenous group. Look close and you’ll see they’re all having fun (even the cops) and everyone’s laughing. I wish life could be so simple for everyone. Be sure to check out Tuesdays 4ever2Wheels “Bikers and Racism” podcast for which Sugar Bear will be Ken Conte’s and my esteemed guest. Bear is a master of custom bike building and Hall of Famer. The long Springer front ends he produces at his Sugar Bear Choppers turn like butter with the most perfect geometry you can imagine. They’re used by the best builders in the industry. Now an octogenarian, Bear has a lifetime of stories that he’ll draw from that have more relevance now than ever. Its all about conversation, good dialogue and listening. Be sure to tune in tomorrow / Tuesday night at 9 pm EST, 6 pm PST on 4ever2wheels Facebook page or later on YouTube.

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