Rhett Holley’s Root Beer Float Scott Peck Harley-Davidson Shovelhead

Rhett Holley’s Root Beer Float Harley-Davidson Shovelhead that he built for and with the help of Scott Peck. Opening spread from Club Harley Magazine (Japan), July 2020 issue.
July 17, 2020

Rhett Holley’s Root Beer Float that he built for/with Scott Peck is one beautiful machine. Starting life as a 1975 Superglide, he and Scott Peck, the customer that commissioned the bike and helped with much of the build, found this Shovelhead in a barn with the front wheel sticking through a hole outside the barn. It was hard tailed and totally transformed into a light skinny bike just like I love! Rhett does everything by hand, from the tank and fender to the sissybar, foot controls, jockey shifter, handlebars, exhaust, motor mounts, and more (and mostly from stainless.) He is a great builder that doesn’t seem to have received the attention and recognition he deserves, but he’s on my shortlist for a Sturgis exhibition. Self-described as “a Hillbilly Nerd” (I don’t buy it) and hailing from Dry Fork, VA (pop 3,900), he has quite the worldly view with Masa from Luck Motorcycles in Japan being one of the builders that inspires him. You can see more of his work on his IG @butcher_chop_rhett or on my site under 2020 Bikes.

Rhett Holley, Shovelhead, Michael Lichter Motorcycle Photography

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