Dean Bordigioni on the MCR Chronicles Multi-Cast

Dean Bordigioni riding his 1-cylinder 1-speed 1914 Harley-Davidson on the Motorcycle Cannonball. Stage 7 (274 miles) from Cedar Rapids to Spirit Lake, IA. Friday September 14, 2018. Photo ©2018 Michael Lichter.
July 8, 2020

This image of Dean Bordigioni in the Motorcycle Cannonball shows the determination that went into riding coast to coast on a single-cylinder ~7hp single-speed 1914 Harley-Davidson without missing a single mile, and taking the first place trophy home at the end. That's a small bike for a big 220# (dry weight) guy, especially when crossing the Rockies a couple of days later. This is the image I'll be talking about tonight on my "Picture's Worth a Thousand Words" segment on the Cannonball Chronicles podcast tonight at 9pm EST, 6pm PST on the Cannonball and Cycle Source's Facebook pages (also on YouTube.) Dean Bordigioni and Ryan Allen will be our guest riders tonight.

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