Gloria's Burnout

Harley riding Octogenarian Gloria Struck having fun at the Broken Spoke Saloon downtown with her Motor Maid MC sisters during the Sturgis Black Hills Motorcycle Rally 2010. Photo ©2010 Michael Lichter.
July 26, 2020

Gloria Struck recently had her 95th birthday, so just to keep the accolades rolling, I want to wish her an incredible belated happy-happy birthday and add to everyone else’s praises as to how wonderful this woman is. As it was my own b-day this past week, I can truly say that I hope I am in as good a shape as Gloria when I get to her age! She has an amazing spirit that I love and often have fun with. Gloria says she can never say “NO” to me (every guy should be so lucky!) so we get into great situations like this where I just insisted that she get on the back of this bike for a burnout at the Broken Spoke. She was reluctant and insisted, “I never ride bitch!” (and keep in mind, she had just ridden her own Harley-Davidson Softail to Sturgis 2010 from New Jersey days after her 85th birthday), but she did get on and we all had a hoot! Gloria - you’re the best!!! (and for those of you that don’t know Gloria, she is an inductee to both the Sturgis and AMA Halls of Fame, and is the longest-standing member of the Motor Maids MC.)

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