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Remembering Marla Garber
Jun 4, 2020
Marla Garber rind with Scooter at the Harley Davidson 85th Reunion Ride to Milwaukee. Milwaukee, WI. June, 1988. Photography ©1988 Michael Lichter.
A Moto-Journalist ahead of her time! Marla Garber was a free spirit that would criss-cross North America from rally to rally, to meet a friend, or maybe just a meal. Life was an adventure for this one-of-a-kind Canadian woman. She was a great rider that lived life from her bike, with everything she needed packed on board, including her dog Skooter.
Good Time Charlie, RIP
May 27, 2020
Charlie Brechtel back home at the Buffalo Chip, August 2016. Photo ©2016 Michael Lichter
When I heard Charlie Brechtel died in a bike wreck on April 25, it was hard to believe he was gone. "Good Time Charlie's" voice and presence were so clear in my head, but wanting more, I turned on his music and immersed myself in it. I listened for hours and then listened some more. That's the amazing part of when a musician dies; they leave all these recordings behind. Its as if they're still with you. If anything, the lyrics took on a new and deeper meaning.