Bean’re is on his way home

Bean’re pushes Timo Richard for miles back to base at the Wharf Rat Rally. Digby, Nova Scotia. Canada. August 30, 2012. Photography ©2012 Michael Lichter.
June 23, 2020

This is how you do it when you breakdown. WOW - is Beanre' really still in Vietnam? After 8-months riding all over the country (and missing our COVID lock-down), is he really coming home as he says he is? Surely, he's helped out a lot of people during his 8-months riding around Vietnam, because that's what Bean're does. Like in this photo where he got his sneaker on the rear axle to get leather artist Timothée Richard miles back to base (the Wharf Rat Rally) after Timo's bike died out on some small country road. Be sure to check out Bean're's Vietnamese adventure and exploits yet to come at @everything_beanre. f, @timo.squirrel, @wharfratrally, #wharfratrally, #nikonlove, #nikonlife, #nikonnofilter, @nikonusa

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