City Streets, New York City, 1981

City Streets, New York City, 1981. Photo ©1981 Michael Lichter
June 11, 2020

City Streets, New York City, 1981 and a terrible omission on my part today - I can’t find the negative of this image! I have a small file big enough to post today, but for all my organizational efforts and skills, the negative for this particular shot and one other (Wall of Death, Egypt 1978) that I would really like to find and make prints from are eluding me! What stands out for me is both the sense of “Time” and “Place”. It is so “New York City” and so “1970s”. It reminds me of the roughness of New York in those years when the city was on the edge of bankruptcy and riddled with so other problems. The vintage of the cars, the signage, the clothing… all point to a certain time in history. I’ll keep trying to find them, but in the meantime, I thought I would see how you like this one. #newyorkcity, #panhead, @harleydavidson, #harleydavidson #harleydavidsonmotorcycles, #nikonlove, #nikonlife, #nikonnofilter, @nikonusa

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