Hwy 79 Sturgis Drags 1980

Grudge Racing Near Bear Butte, Sturgis, SD. 1980. Photo ©1980 Michael Lichter. Burning rubber racing Highway 79 by Bear Butte. Happy Smith watching, Crazy John on his Honda. No center line. A blown piston ends the fun and I survive a high speed wobble racing back to town. Maybe the 7th Cavalry made up games here 100 years earlier?
June 1, 2020

Grudge Racing Near Bear Butte. Sturgis, SD. 1980. Can you imagine? No centerline on Highway 79 as bikes burn rubber past Bear Butte. Crazy John gets the hole shot, and Happy Smith watches just a few feet to the right. A blown piston ends the fun, but at least I survive a high speed wobble racing back to town. No Broken Spoke, No Buffalo Chip, and no worries - no cops in every direction.  @sturgisbuffalochip, #buffalochip, #nikonlove, #nikonlife, #nikonnofilter, @nikonusa, #dragracing

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