Father’s Day in Laconia

Riding Into the Weir's, Laconia, NH, 1999. Photo ©1999 Michael Lichter. It builds all week. By late afternoon Thursday, bikes are overheating and backed up over a mile waiting to get into the Weir’s. They turn their engines off and coast down the long hill beside the Lobster Pound. They tell stories and jokes. Visitors and locals line the gauntlet as they cheer, heckle and taunt. Occasionally their cries are answered with a burnout or dropped top. It's all part of the week and part of the fun.
June 21, 2020

Riding Into the Weir's, Laconia, NH, 1999. And a Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there. In an unusual twist, with more than 30 years of Father’s Days in Laconia for Motorcycle Week, not today. Instead, I’m looking forward to dinner in the yard with my kids this year. 

Looking back, this image was made during the peak years. Being in Laconia meant summer was in full swing. Do you remember how by late afternoon on Thursday, bikes were overheating and backed up over a mile waiting to turn into the bikes-only Lakeside Ave and get into the Weir’s. They would turn their engines off and coast down the long hill along the Lobster Pound telling stories and joking in that typically east coast manner. (which I always totally appreciate having grown up in NY!) Visitors and locals lined the gauntlet along Route-3 cheering, heckling and taunting the riders and were answered with the occasional burnout or dropped top. One of my favorites stories was when a rider said to me how about photographing a burnout. I said, “Great, but bad idea right now” with a cop not 20’ away. He simply got off the bike, went over and asked, “How much is a ticket for a burnout?” and then, “write me up for two!” He proceeded to smoke it (and get a ticket!) Now that’s real east coast attitude if you ask me. #fathersday, #laconiamcweek, #laconiabikeweek, #laconia, #crowds

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